Make Abbey the heart of your home and your celebrating the best of both worlds, traditional styling cues with a dash of moderninity. Cream has been a classic kitchen colour for many, many years and a classic by definition, never goes out of style. So five, ten even fifteen years down the line, you'll still be sure you made the right choice.

Broadoak Natural

Embracing our enduring love of all things wooden, Broadoak Natural unites a simple design with the beauty and warmth of oak to create a look that will be beautiful for years to come. Broadoak Natural retains the authentic character that oak is renound for, making it the perfect choice for those wishing to create a warm and welcoming feel to the kitchen. Shape plays a key part in achieving a natural look with curved doors conveying intimacy and simple elegence.

Croft Oak

Is your kitchen for looking at or living in? Croft Oak achieves both and has extra appeal on the lived inside, subtle distressing and a touch of antiquing that give it a well loved air. Who wouldn't love the mellow, rustic tones and a style that's so simple it offers all the essential ingredients of a warm and welcoming kitchen.

Eden Classic

If your idea of the perfect kitchen is one that looks like it's always been there, Eden Classic has your name on it Traditional without being old fashioned, part of it's enduring beauty comes from the pine panel design that you can appreciate from a glance. The rest comes from the hand finished distressing a closer examination will reveal on every door.

Eterno Walnut

An elegent design of classical proportions, the sumptuous and distingtive tone of Eterno Walnut will introduce warmth and character to any kitchen Add a furthur touch of luxury and punctuate the scheme with interesting features such as glased doors, plate racks or a smart dresser. The depth and design has a sophisticated appeal that will withstand the test of time, a chance to induldge in a true classic.

Milton Oak

Milton Oak brings the beauty of wood into the heart of the home, cleverly mixing a hint of nostalgia with a wealth of modern style. The inframe design is a true classic that has been re-invented with a contemporary twist to include wide drawers and up to the minute features. Therein lies Milton Oaks unique appeal, it bravely unites a truely traditional design with elements of style for modern living and in doing so creates a kitchen with a striking point of difference that is slick, smart and utterly sophisticated.

Wild Oak

What is it about the look of wood grain that we find so appealing? whatever it is, you'll find it in abundance in the warm and welcoming Wild Oak kitchen. It's chameleon qualities let you match it equally well with an old battered butchers block or a high-tech stainless steel range, so you have the freedom to express yourself perfectly.

Buttermilk Ivory

If you were to suggest that Buttermilk Ivory looked a little bit posh, you wouldn't find us rushing to argue with you. There's detail on every facet that harks back unashamedly to a past life. A gentle atiqued pitina helps to maintain links with days gone by, but make no mistake this is a kitchen to enjoy well into the future.